Choseal LB-5109 OCC Speakers Cable 2.5M Banana Plug OD=19mm Pair

Choseal LB-5109 OCC Speakers Cable 2.5M Banana Plug OD=19mm Pair

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Model: LB-5109


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Shipping Weight: 4Kg 5 Units in Stock Manufactured by: Choseal
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Product Code: LB-5109
Product Specifications: OD19mm * 2.5m
Core Material: 99.9999% high purity single crystal copper OCC
Gold-plated plug: non-magnetic copper 24K gold-plated plug
Features: Low impedance / low loss / low distortion
Note direction: the arrow indicates the direction of the connection
Packaging: Gift Box(4KG)

UP-OCC uses technology (Ultra Pure Coppe.r by Ohno Continuous Casting Process) manufactured single crystal
oxygen-free copper, non-directional, high purity, corrosion, low electrical impedance makes the wire for high-speed
signal transmission quality. Production of single crystal copper (referred OCC) wire for sound, is a major breakthrough
in recent years, audio wire manufacturing. Scientific evidence: a high-purity single-crystal copper OFC, its whole
root of copper rod composed of only one grain, does not exist between the grains produced "grain boundaries",
a variety of audio and video signal during transmission by the time the grain boundary will produce reflection, refraction,
and so the signal distortion, attenuation distortion, and single-crystal copper little or no grain boundaries grain
boundaries so fundamentally improved transmission quality, which has a very high signal transmission performance.
Single crystal copper (OCC) copper casting techniques drawn only by a grain composition, with exceptional machining
performance and electrical characteristics. Its characteristics are:
1. crystal purity of 99.9999% copper;
2. resistance of 8% to 13% lower than the average copper;
3. high toughness, ordinary copper reverse lap 16 that is broken, single-crystal copper can reverse the 116 laps.
Compared with the OCC, is widely used in the production of oxygen-free copper wire rod sound (the OFC), the English name
of the oxygen-free copper referred OFC: purity of 99.995% copper. A large number of its internal grain "grain boundaries"
cause signal distortion and attenuation, as well as signal transmission performance compares favorably with single crystal
copper (OCC).

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