Xindak SoundRight BF-silver HiFi Balance XLR plugs Cables Pair

Xindak SoundRight BF-silver HiFi Balance XLR plugs Cables Pair

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Model: BF-silver


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BF-silver is SoundRight "coaxial transmission frequency" patent series used in the structure of the balanced XLR connector signal cable, with a strong anti-interference. The advantage of high signal to noise ratio. Inner core is 0.1 × 3.3mm of 4N pure silver and multi-stranded copper single crystal composed of enameled wire of the two. The appearance of high-temperature oxygen-free copper is 48 enameled wire woven into a mesh structure. As the high-frequency foil conductor skin effect is small, so the loss of treble signals much smaller than the ordinary round conductor. This line of plants using Swiss XLR connection plug, exquisite and beautiful appearance, reliable performance.

This line is very clear and elegant treble, mid and full round, clean, strong bass, fast. In the music calmly when large dynamic, structured, in fact - a unique high-quality models Hi-Fi signal cable.