PAIYON P4 hifi Passive bookshelf loudspeaker 6.5 inch audiophile speakers pair
PAIYON P4 hifi Passive bookshelf loudspeaker 6.5 inch audiophile speakers pair

PAIYON P4 hifi Passive bookshelf loudspeaker 6.5 inch audiophile speakers pair

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Model: PAIYON P4

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P4 uses a leading structure, that is, it can be placed on the wall. HIFI4 is the back guide, so it must be a certain distance from the wall, so even if the box is large, it will not waste too much space to put 
As an upgraded version of the No. 4 work, we pursued on the P4 the sound style that it wanted to continue on the 4th. However, this classic product must be significantly improved and optimized in terms of detail, and it is also more consistent with consumer habits. In addition, we have redesigned another style of cabinet because of the improvement of our product quality requirements. 
It can be said that the brand-new IM is obviously different from the appearance style of the past No.4. For the purpose of obtaining the comfortable feeling of history, we have done several times of proofing on the coloring of the panel, the coloring of the subwoofer, and the coloring of the high panel. To match. 
The reason is that you not only listen well, but also look comfortable. 
The proportion of the external dimensions of the box is also a rigorous simulation design. Our continuous simulation design step by step optimization verification has completed the current box. We have achieved a balance between electro-acoustic characteristics and visual dimensions, which is more in line with the public. P4 not only effectively suppresses standing waves in the box to reduce box sound, but also has a size that makes you look more comfortable. 

Because the horn structure of the P4 is not the same as that of the hifi4, the overall singer feels that the high frequency is finer, the intermediate frequency is thicker, and the ensemble of various instruments dive at low frequencies. The playing of the clarinet and flute treble and the percussion of the keys all felt very powerful and very lively. The symphony is especially so, and it is very commendable that the P4 is very easy to distinguish the timbre of various instruments, and the ensemble and solo of each part in the symphony can be clearly distinguished. Unfortunately, time is given priority, except that pure music does not listen to songs. This high resolution is sure to be better if used on songs. 
Vifa treble 
VIFA-inch silk film treble details play a natural, beautiful and not burly melodious without ears! 
Brazil imported wood veneer, clear texture, solid thick, respectively, rosewood veneer, walnut veneer 
VIFA bass 
The horn is a 6.5 inch vi fa bass and mid-bass. It is cast in an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The steel is strong and the heat dissipation efficiency is high. The special Noomx paper diaphragm has good damping, and the quality is light and accurate. The delicate reduction is very helpful, the distortion is small, the transient response is very ideal, it will not drag and drop. 
Sound-absorbing cotton 
In order to make the sound clean and clear and not subject to standing wave interference, special custom high-density sound-absorbing cotton is used inside the cabinet to effectively avoid sound turbidity! 
Copper terminal block 
Send special copper terminal blocks, brand assurance, make the input model more unimpeded.
Frequency divider 
The structure of P4 is also basically the same in terms of frequency division, but P4 on the parameters and frequency components should be better. The loudspeakers we use have relatively good frequency response characteristics, and the more complex structure is not conducive to the amplification of the load caused by the filter network composed of the frequency dividing elements. This is obviously relative to the “good push”. "Strong adaptability is a violation, and a simpler structure does not help us to suppress speaker distortion. Therefore, we must maintain this more flexible program. 

Recommended with: 
P8 bookshelf speakers have high sensitivity, loose sound, and easy drive. They can be driven by more than 8W amplifiers and more than 60 watt transistor machines. The quality of amplifiers determines the performance of loudspeakers. 

Brand Model: Paiyon P4 Bookshelf Speaker 
Speaker Type: Passive Two-way Bookshelf Speaker 
Tweeter: VIFA - Inch Film Tweeter 
Crossover point: 2.7k 
Woofer: VIFA 6.5-inch Nomex special loose pressure paper basin aluminum magnesium alloy basin in the bass 
Rated power: 65W peak power: 120W 
Sensitivity: 88dB Impedance: 8 Euro 
Frequency response: 40-22000hz 
Suggested driving power: more than 20W for tube amplifiers; more than 80W for tvacuum tube amplifier 
Total harmonic distortion: <0.6% (200 - 20KHz) 
Net weight: 19 kg/pair 
Weight after packing: 25 kg 
Overall dimensions: width 210 x height 420 x depth 360 (with mask and terminal) 
Packing size: length 450mm x width 550mm x height 530mm (approx. 0.13 cubic meters)