G&W Tsinghua AT-F100 Hifi Stereo Headphone Amplifier

G&W Tsinghua AT-F100 Hifi Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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Model: AT-F100



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Shipping Weight: 5Kg 5 Units in Stock Manufactured by: G&W
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Input Sensitivity: 220mV
Rated output power: 2 × 6000mW (16Ω pm) 2 × 3300mW (32Ω pm) 2 × 2200mW (48Ω pm) 2 × 1100mW (100Ω pm) 2 × 375mW (300Ω pm) 2 × 187mW (600Ω pm)
Frequency Response: 6Hz ~ 200KHz (-1dB)
Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.003% (1KHz; VO: 2V) ≤ 0.017% (20Hz ~ 20KHz; VO: 2V)
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥ 102.4dB (input short circuit)
Can drive: 16Ω ~ 600Ω in the high-end headphones
Dimension: length 385 × width 170mm × 80mm high
Net weight: 4Kg
Shipping weight: 5kg
Power supply: 220V-240V

1 using double-precision differential amplifier circuit
2 using IRF630, IRF9630 MOSFET as output stage quiescent current of 100mA
3 low resistance LM317, LM337 voltage regulator circuit for
4 using double-bridge rectifier circuits
5 Ruby using 50V6800μF ~ 10000μF Japan primary filter electrolytic capacitors
6 sets produced using copper plated RCA input terminals
7 of Japan ALPS 2 × 50K (A) high-grade blue plastic potentiometer
8 imported 70μm thick double-sided printed circuit board copper foil
9 using 10mm thick silver brushed aluminum front panel, aluminum knob inlay around the luxury Old Redwood Circle
10 of stainless steel high-quality case
11 Headphone output jack using special mold manufacturing professional grade headset jack, jack for internal use 1mm thick silver reed, socket surface engraved with "G & W" word male
12 imported silicon iron wound toroidal transformer
13 use WIMA, ERO, and other world-Philips tonic capacitance
14 has a quiet power protection, the delay of 3 to 5 seconds to enter the work state.