Qinpu A-6500 tube Integrated Amplifier with Headpnone Amp

Qinpu A-6500 tube Integrated Amplifier with Headpnone Amp

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Model: A-6500



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Given model of the machine for the A-6500, more before the A-6000MKII circuit adjusted accordingly, more supple tone, transparent, while the main push speaker also freeze in moderation VF-3.2 and the new Qin Feng VF-3.3, so pairing tuned, making moderation combinations and new qin Feng combination should have a mutually reinforcing effect.
Moderation combination of transparent and delicate;
New Qin Feng combinations seem plump, luxurious.
Of course, the quiet Naiting they have in common, is the the tablature Desktop HI-FI consistent aesthetic --------- quiet space, quiet state of mind, listening to the quiet, soft and delicate music, find have a moment to pass away Tuochen cozy and comfortable.

A-6500 amplifier parameters:

Rated Power ----------------------------- 2 x 16.5W (8Ω RMS)
Frequency response ---------------------- 20Hz-50kHz (± 10dB)
Total harmonic distortion -------------- ≤ 2%
SNR ------------------------------------≥ 80dB (A-weighted)
Crosstalk attenuation - -----------------≥ 50dB (1kHz)
input sensitivity- --------------------- ≤ 450mV
Overload source electromotive force----- ≥ 20V
Load rated impedance ------------------- 8Ω
Input impedance ----------------------- 10kΩ
Power supply voltage ------------------- 220V ± 10% 50Hz 80W
Net weight ----------------------------- 2.75kg / pcs
Gross weight---------------------------- 3.5kg / pcs