Cayin MT-35 MK2 Vacuum tube EL34 Push-pull  HiFi Power Amplifier Headphone

Cayin MT-35 MK2 Vacuum tube EL34 Push-pull HiFi Power Amplifier Headphone

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Model: MT-35 MK2


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Cayin MT-35MK2 Tube amplifier Tube earphones amplifier EL34x 4 2x32W have all-powerful power match 90~270V
1. A selection of high-quality output EI type transformers and toroidal power transformers, individually packaged, to prevent interference.
2. The selection of a tube of Russia SOVTEK 12AX7, two domestic 12AU7, four pre-EL34.
3. The independent pre-shielded box, the whole scaffolding manual welding, the internal interference completely eliminated.
4. Using two high-quality broadband sound EI output transformer.
5. specially manufactured for low magnetic leakage, high efficiency toroidal power transformer.
6. The preamp uses two 12AU7 vacuum tube and a Russian electro-harmonix 12AX7EH vacuum.
7. After the level four EL34 tubes used to do push-pull power amplifier class AB1.
8. With headphone output.
9. Easy installation of the plug-type vacuum tube shield

Rated output power: 2x32W (RMS 8Ω)
Frequency response: 18Hz~40kHz
THD: 1%(1kHz)
SNR: 86dB
Input Sensitivity: 290mV
Input impedance: 100kΩ
Output impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Headphone output impedance: 32Ω~300Ω
Tube: EL34x4 12AU7x2 12AX7EH
Input: 2xRCA
Power supply: 220V±5% 50Hz
Volume: 330mmx170mmx255mm(WxDxH)
Power consumption: 260W
Weight: 16kg