Raphaelite CSM05 HiFi power amplifier single ended monoblock walve amp 805 tube
Raphaelite CSM05 HiFi power amplifier single ended monoblock walve amp 805 tube

Raphaelite CSM05 HiFi power amplifier single ended monoblock walve amp 805 tube

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Model: Raphaelite CSM05

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The price is for A pair of audiophile audio amplifier

The CSM05 of the Master Series is a 805 post-stage single-ended amplifier with left and right channel splits, which is a high-end model of the company. The whole machine uses two Slope-Motor alloy pre-stage transformers for first-stage amplification, the input transformer has a controllable gain, and the distortion is small, no feedback line is needed, and the true balance input of this latter stage is completed by this transformer; 2 American GE's 12AT7 for second-stage high gain amplification; 2 Russian SOVTEK 2A3 direct thermal triode for push amplification, this third-stage amplification and second-stage amplification use Danish JENSEN copper foil oil-immersed capacitor for RC coupling, 2 high-performance Pushing the transformer and pushing the tube 2A3 to make low distortion, the low impedance 600 ohm output drives the 805. The use of this transformer allows the 805 to get a more powerful driving capability, and with a low output impedance to cope with the 805 gate current transformation, thoroughly subduing this only The A2 type amplification tube of the gate current allows the 805 to exert the large dynamics of the A2 type, high power, and the distortion control is like the A1 type amplifier; 4 the early Chinese 5Z4P is used as the delay characteristic of the side tube of the high pressure buffer for the tube is precious. The 805 power bile is time-delayed, and the two-pipe parallel application ensures sufficient energy. In order to get a better signal-to-noise ratio, the 805 and 2A3 are all DC powered, and the 2A3 filament and high voltage are also designed with a voltage regulator circuit, which makes the machine stable and low noise output push-level sound very small. 
The CSM05 uses two 400W power transformers with a large power margin. The output transformer is a vertical installation with a large open structure and a power of 50W. This is a special transformer designed for A2 805 straight heat pipe. It has precise inductance, high difficulty up to 9 layers of winding arrangement, extremely low leakage inductance, withstand voltage above 3000V, and is designed in the secondary. Reducing the current of the internal resistance of the tube dynamically reverses the hungry winding, which is the key to the sound of the core components of the whole machine. The circuit uses a 4-stage amplifier with high gain and strong driving force. The whole BP can easily drive without adding the pre-CD. For this reason, the machine has designed a progressive potentiometer to control the gain. Pushing the use of transformers has greatly improved the overall performance, so that this machine has both 300B-like high-frequency and high-powered push-pull power and speed, 805 tube 1000V pressure-off application, so that the power of the latter stage is less than distortion At 5%, it reaches 48W. Dynamic, airy, and good sense of the scene, what makes me happy is that it has the same high-frequency lines as 300B, and the 2A3 is meticulous. I want to ask my favorite pipe. I think that 805 must be my favorite. The A2 class amplifier is difficult to design. If you use your heart to do the effect, it will never let you down. 
The sound of CSM05 : the sound field wide frequency response equalization accuracy has both 300B high frequency and high efficiency, and the pusher's speed and force are the most, the dynamic characteristics are even better than the push-pull t/L. Someone judges the A2 class 805 force loud and thick, very simple It was not done with care, and did not really overcome the influence of the gate current of 805 on the input impedance. It can be said that this is a HIFI single-ended amplifier that is highly adaptable to the speaker and highly adaptable to music software. 
Equipment matching instructions: input impedance 600 ohms (unbalanced) 150 ohms (balance), this machine is suitable for bookshelf or floor-standing speakers with sensitivity greater than 85DB, for many hard-to-push apron polypropylene cone speakers, high-power bookshelf, British speakers There is a very good overall performance, with CSM05 driving ATC20, after the rain, M40, Jessie horn emperor, all show superior quality can be compared with the world famous machine. The output impedance of this unit is 4 ohms and 8 ohms. The 6 ohm speaker should be connected to the output winding of the 8th innum to maximize the output transformer secondary winding. 

Article: CSM05 amplifier 
Model: CSM05 
Tubes: 5Z4P/5Z4/5AR4x4 12AT7x2 805x2 2A3Bx2
Art. No.: Z-048 
Input Sensitivity: 700mV 
Power Output: 2x45W (RMSTHD<5%) 
S/N Ratio: 80dB 
Input Impedance: 600Ω 
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω 
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100V - 240V / 50Hz-60Hz 
Power Consumption: 200W 
Frequency Response: 12Hz-25KHz -2dB 
Dimension: 219x445x195 (W*D*H) 
Net Weight: 25KGx2