Opera Consonance D-linear8C MKII DAC 24bit/192khz wireless
Opera Consonance D-linear8C MKII DAC 24bit/192khz wireless

Opera Consonance D-linear8C MKII DAC 24bit/192khz wireless

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Model: D-linear8C

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a) With USB 24Bit/192Khz audio decoding capabilities (PC/MAC client need to install driver software).Support CD turntable, opera music mastering digital interface definition, Blu-ray DVD player, cable box, satellite, etc.
b) It is equipped with a Hi-end headphone amplifier,which can drive senior headphone from 32Ω to 600Ω.And it has two analog outputs,RCA and XLR.
c) The core chip of D-linear8C MKII decoder adopts the AD1853 of 24-bit 192Khz and is of asynchronous upsampling control.The receiver chip is ultra-low jitter pll, which can receive digital signals from 32Khz to 192Khz.
d) It has four sets of input methods, coaxial, fiber optic, balanced AES and wireless USB computer inputs. The header located in the center of the panel indicates whether the digital signal is locked.
e) The output section of D-linear8C MK2 uses a unique Class A DC analog filters,has balanced and unbalanced outputs. When it play with the D-linera7C MKII digital music player,it seems to be the most advanced digital audio.


The analog output signal: 2.5V RMS (RCA, XLR)
Digital inputs: a group of coaxial, a group of optical fiber, a group of balance and USB digital input
Analog output terminal: RCA / XLR / 6.5m headphone jack
Frequency response: 0Hz-50kHz
SNR: better than 118dB (RCA, XLR)
Distortion: less than 0.002% (RCA, XLR)
Dimensions: 100mm x 225mm x 320cm (HxWxD)
Net Weight: 3.5kg
Gross Weight: 5.5kg