BADA LB-5500 Audiophile Power Filter Plant Hi-Fi Socket  2017 Upgrade
BADA LB-5500 Audiophile Power Filter Plant Hi-Fi Socket  2017 Upgrade

BADA LB-5500 Audiophile Power Filter Plant Hi-Fi Socket 2017 Upgrade

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Model: LB-5500
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The LB-5500 power source filter are the specialty do for the world area, uses the high quality 6 Universal + 4 US-style power point., Two distributary circuits for less interference and high fidelity. Unique two-way design with independent power switches and independent filtering network. Suitable in the grounding in front of the attaching plug or the grounding both sides attaching plug electric appliance use. In the design, considered fully filter's effect and the filter component the influence reduces to the acoustic fidelity to is smallest, promotes the acoustic equipment's acoustic fidelity comprehensively. The power point. has the protection gate, on the attaching plug insertion time power point.'s phase line has not been the shield, may prevent to receive an electric shock effectively.

* Pays great attention the electric current to flow to the order, before dividing, the level, the sound source and the latter level two groups plugs, after reducing, the level before the level and the sound source influence, enhances the resolving power. Is also equipped with a group to go nonstop to the plug (not after filter), meets the different need.
* The electric current circuit and filter coil's cross-sectional area is as far as possible big, uses the high quality high-purity copper wire, reduces the transmission loss, enhances the energy the supplies speed.
* Uses the specialized level power point., the sheet copper is thick, the elasticity is good, the contact is close, has the junction to decrease the electronic contact the electric current reflection and the loss, this is also the acoustic fidelity good important guarantee.
* Uses WIMA- MKP10 the high-quality electric capacity filter, music smooth insightful, the sound field is good. * uses removable -like the power line, momentarily may according to own individuality promotion.
* Belt anti-radar lightning and overflow protective device, use security.
Rated voltage: AC 110V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Carries power: 3000W
Receptacle: (6 Universal + 4 US) 8 Filter + 2 Direct
maximum current: 15A
Size: 363*135*110(H)mm

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