XiangSheng 728A  Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Preamp Shigeru Wada Japan circuit
XiangSheng 728A  Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Preamp Shigeru Wada Japan circuit

XiangSheng 728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Preamp Shigeru Wada Japan circuit

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Model: 728A

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728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Upgraded Version

The pre-amplifier improved based on famous Wada Shigeho's Style Electric circuit,which was Introduced by Wada Shigeho in the early 1960s and gave an excellent performance.
Regarding the Wada Shigeho's Style Electric circuit, it not only still keep the good features of Marantz7, meanwhile it have superrior features in Dynamic, High/lLow Frequency
Response, Resolution and Signal to Noise Ratio as compared to Marantz7. But apart from above features, it’s also not inferior to Marantz7 in Sound stage and airy feeling.
Adopt 4pcs paper in oil capacitors and German WIMA capacitors for coupling effect, make the sound warm and delicate.

Using circuit board design, the internal layout is more reasonable, clean and beautiful.
The front panel is made of silver 6mm thick aluminum alloy plating drawing panel, blue power indicator tube, and added a unique tube display large window, the background with warm red orange, grade grade higher (see below).
High-level sandblasting paint thin steel plate box, high-light metal knob, honeycomb big machine foot.
Signal input 4 sets of stereo switching, the use of traditional rotary toggle switch control Advanced sealed relay to achieve signal conversion, to avoid switching noise, long life.
Signal output using a relay delay, to be a stable operation of the amplifier into the state after the relay pull the output signal to avoid the tube in the process of preheating the unpleasant noise.
The output signal provides two sets of outputs that can be used to play dual power amplifier systems.
Input input interface are used to gold-plated RCA lotus seat, reduce the contact resistance.
Power into the line with three plug socket, easy to replace the upgrade power cord.
Design a grid filter purification circuit, you can filter out the power grid in the clutter interference and DC components.
Using antique oil-immersed capacitors and imported WIMA and other polypropylene capacitor coupling.
The use of the transformer in the performance of the best R cattle power supply, but also the most expensive transformer (ring cattle and Fang Niu magnetic leakage, radiation noise, low efficiency, and R cattle efficiency of up to 90%, magnetic leakage is very small).
The high voltage is rectified with a tube, and two are connected in parallel, providing enough current.
2 large reservoir filter capacitor plus inductance filter, constitute the best filter CLC filter circuit, inhibit the residual noise.
Tube filament with AC power supply, than the DC power supply warm and durable, will not lead to sound hardening, extending the life of the tube. And to ensure that the filament interference reduced to zui low.

Brand : XiangSheng
Colour : Black
Model : 728A
Input Power : AC100V-AC240V available 60Hz/50Hz
Output Tube : 12AT7×2 12AU7×2 6Z4×2
Input Sensitivity : 400mV
Input impedance : 100K
Output Impedance : 600 ohm
Signal/Noise Ratio : 90dB
Frequency Response : 10Hz--30KHz
Humidity : 35%—80%
TMD : less than 0.01%
Input Jack : 4 groups
Output Jack : 2 groups
Weight : 10 kg
Color: Sliver Black
Size: W430mm × H80mm × D290mm

Packing Includes
Full Set Valve
1.5m Power Cord

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