Shengya A17CS Hybrid Class A tube Integrated Amplifier Remote Control
Shengya A17CS Hybrid Class A tube Integrated Amplifier Remote Control

Shengya A17CS Hybrid Class A tube Integrated Amplifier Remote Control

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Model: A17CS

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1. A17CS amplifier from the original A17, it is a particular improved upgrade production on the basis of A17.
2. Machine audio signal amplifying circuit for the tube amplifier and buffer amplifier common cathode, using a Russian-made tubes 12AX7LPS/12AU7, sounds better than the Chinese 12AX7/12AU7 which using the A17 , more full-bodied taste of bile, analytical and air feeling better.
3. With tubes and field-effect transistors and integrated circuits, precision high-voltage hybrid power supply, sound performance is not only more courage and taste, and very high voltage stability, low coefficient of AC ripple, high voltage power supply than that of pure transistor the benefits of sound generated by more significant.
4. Transistor amplifier voltage gain stage part of the FET formed by the cascode amplifier; A current amplifier power Toshiba brand management, the performance of more thick warm sweet tone; output power upgrade to 150W (8¦¸) specifications, so that the sound density and high dynamic performance is more outstanding, easy to drive a variety of high-level brand-name speakers.
5. Tube circuit cross-connect and return them with WIMA capacitors for the German brand of high-level audio-specific capacitors MKP series. Transistor amplifier power supply filter capacitor used for the Japanese brand FORAUDIO series 10000uf/80v ELNA specifications, regardless of sound and the sound field has a good performance; on the whole improved sound quality and sound play an important role.
6. Machine used by the signal input and output lines are American-made high card (XLO) advanced signal line, so that the performance sound more icing on the cake.
7. ALPS of Japan-made large-scale remote control volume potentiometer; with a reliable and durable, low noise, no sound pollution, the error between the two channels of small features.
8. Output with a large gold-plated binding posts to facilitate easy connection to any speaker wire, but also can be connected in two-lane crossover, high and low current are ideal for audio transmission.
9. Aluminum advanced infrared remote control function, making operation more stylish feel better

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ± 0.5dB
Tubes: 12AX7LPS/12AU7 (Made in Russia)
Output: 150W + 150W(8Ω)
Class A Output: 10W + 10W(8Ω)
Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 0.1%(1kHz 1W)
Input Sensitivity: 200mV
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): 90dB
Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Dimension: 430 x 180 x 456(mm) ( W x H x D )
Weight: 20.5kg
Gross Weight: 22kg
Remote Control: Included